Product Details

Microfine GGBS

Suyog MICROFINE is ultrafine grinded powder of GGBS. Ultra fineness improve the properties of regular GGBS like high surface area, improved penetration properties, high resistivity to chemical attack.

MICROFINE is a new generation supplementary cementitious material (SCM) with a built-in high tech content. In spite of its high fineness it does not increase water demand at the dosage range of 5 to 15 percent of normal OPC in general. In fact concrete slump is seen to be improved, due to the dense packing of cementitious material, producing low void content. The use of MICROFINE results in hydrated cement matrix to comprise of very small pores.

MICROFINE is a specially processed product based on high glass content with high reactivity obtained through the process of controlled granulation. The raw materials are composed primary of low calcium silicates. The processing with other select ingredients results in controlled particle size distribution (PSD). The computed blain value based on PSD is around 700-800 m2/kg and is truly ultra fine. Due to its unique chemistry and ultra fine particle size, MICROFINE provides reduced water demand for a given workability, even up to 70% replacement level as per requirement of concrete performance. MICROFINE can also be used as a high range water reducer to improve compressive strength or as a super workability aid to improve flow.

MICROFINE can be used as practical substitute for Silica Fume as per the results obtained. If the advantages of MICROFINE are observed in the concrete mix design, the initial rate of strength development was found to be increased or similar as that of Silica Fume.

Normal GGBS is coarse and particles are uneven in size of particles. Suyog Microfine is a specialized material with great uniform particle size distribution which differentiate for specific use for special application also.

Uniformed particle size helps to finalize application of material.

Rigorous milling technique is carried out to make it ultrafine. Strict controlled classifying process is being used to make uniformed particle size distributed material.

Incorporation of online inspection enhances maintaining of quality of Finished product.

Consistent quality is main growth engine to sustain business in current competitive environment.

We have established latest quality system which control and assure the online and finished product quality.

Our skilled employees perform quality assessment of product at each stage. We continually impart training to our employees to refresh and enhance their skill.

Constitutional testing
Chemical analysis includes
1. Silica
2. Calcium
3. Aluminium
4. Magnesium
5. Manganese
6. Sulfur trioxide
7. Alkalies

Physical testing
1. Residue on sieve
2. Particle surface area
3. Bulk density
4. Glass content

Suyog Microfine is very specialized product with ultrafine particle size.

Due to fine particle size……

Low void in structure.
Low penetration in structure.
High chemical resistivity of structure.
Water demand can be reduced significantly.
High pumpability.
Low heat of hydration.
Low thermal cracking.
High compressive strength.
Fine particles makes use for injection in thermal cracking.
Smoother more defect free surface.
Lighter color surface.
Low carbon footprint.
Environment resources conservation.

Suyog Microfine has many commercial and industrial applications.

  1. Suyog Microfine can be used as silica replacement in construction industries.
  2. Fine particles size make it useful for crack finishing.
  3. High rise construction where high compressive strength is prime necessity.
  4. High pumpability make it more usable.
  5. High strength construction
  6. Due to high chemical resistivity can be used for construction of ETP plant.