Product Details

Micro Silica

Micro Silica is a non-crystalline polymorph of silica. This ultrafine powder is the by-product of silicon as well as ferrosilicon alloy production. It includes spherical particles having an average particle of 150 nm diameter. It is widely used in concrete, fibre cement, oil-well drilling, refractories and other sectors.

Micro Silica is a byproduct of the carbothermic reduction of quartz with carbonaceous products such as coke, wood-chips, coal, in electric arc furnaces. We use high technology machines for the development of pure and effective product.

We test the product by carrying out high tech physical and chemical tests as per IS-1514 for:

  • Structure
  • Dimension
  • Color
  • Effectiveness
  • Physical appearance
  • Shelf life

Application Concrete Owing to unmatched fineness and high silica quantity, this has become a very efficient pozzolanic material. This is combined to Portland cement concrete for enhancing its properties such as compressive strength, abrasion resistance and bond strength. It ensures mechanical improvements and reduces the concrete permeability to chloride ions. In addition, its combination also ensures the slump loss with time. It reduces bleeding extensively because the water is consumed in by the large surface area of the particles. Packing Micro Silica is available for loose supply in quality jumbo bags and durable bulker as per the needs.