Product Details

Burnt Lime

Burnt lime is a chemical compound of white color with caustic and alkaline nature. It is crystalline solid in nature at the room temperature. This is highly reactive product widely used as additive in varied sectors like metallurgy, sewage and water treatment, steel flux, environment treatment, etc.

It is obtained by calcining limestone at the temperature of more than 900°C. We use high technology machines for calcining process of pure limestone to obtain the best product.

This is processed under the guidance of quality controllers to ensure to provide high efficacy and performance. Varied quality controlling tests are carried out according to IS-1514 standards in the following for:

  • Shelf life
  • Color
  • Chemical structure
  • Dimension

Sugar Refining It is used in the production of sugar from sugar cane as well as sugar beets. Refractory Products High-purity refractory a well as lower purity dolomite is developed by calcining dolomitic limestone. Dairy Industry It is added to the cream for reducing acidity before pasteurization. Glue and Gelatin Waste materials are treated with this in slurry form. Baking Industry In the preparation of common baking powder Packing Burnt lime can be availed in loose form in high quality jumbo bags as well as bulker according to the demands.